Peter Grimm Womens Ford Drifter Hat



ICONIC COWBOY HAT – A timeless western staple, each Peter Grimm Ford Drifter Hat is especially crafted for true characters, making this country hat a must-have for fans of the American classic. NATURAL FIBER – Woven from 100% natural straw that gives it a relaxed personality, the malleable brim covers your face to protect from the sun on a hot day. BREATHABLE COMFORT ?C The woven design offers a vented crown for breathability and comfort, the soft elastic sweatband protects the hat from sweat. ALL OCCASION WEAR – A rustic finish makes this the perfect year-round hat for all true characters, from rodeo and concert goers to weekend explorers alike. ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Size range: 7-7.5 (22??-24??) The 3?? brim and a 5?? crown and elasta-fit comfort band allows enough stretch to comfortably fit most cowboys and cowgirls.


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