Bamboo Wig Liner Cap Beige 2 pc for Women Sensitive Scalp Chemo Cancer Hairloss



Made with 100% Organic Bamboo Fiber Made in USA LUX ULTRA SOFT BAMBOO Wig Liner Cap Protects sensitive scalp from irritation caused by chemotherapy treatments and hot, itchy wigs. Stretchy, Breathable 100% Organic Bamboo Fiber wicks away sweat keeping scalp dry, comfortable and cool. FEEL IMMEDIATE RELIEF from hot, itchy wigs or scratchy hats due to Bamboo Natural Cooling Fiber. Bamboo Wig Liners Cap is lightweight, breathable, stretchier and softer than cotton. Designed to be worn under wigs and can also be used as a lightweight soothing hat liner for cancer hats, chemo caps, cancer scarves and other head coverings. MADE FOR HAIR LOSS PATIENTS Recommended for women who have undergone partial or complete hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments or other medical hair loss. Not for women with a full head of hair. SOLD IN 2 PC PACK Bamboo Wig liners Cap retains its shape after washing and does not shrink. One size fits most. Not recommended for larger than average head sizes. MACHINE WASHABLE Hand Wash or Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle Cycle. Dry Flat or Hang to Dry. Do Not Bleach. Wig Liner is hand made. An essential item for chemo headwear for women hats for cancer patients and chemo hats for women.


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