Scala Women’s Big Brim Crocheted Toyo Hat



toyo Imported Gently wipe with a damp cloth Sun Hat for Women ?C Enjoy a walk down the rivier with your straw hat. The 4?? brim gives you what you want out of a cute woven hats look mixed perfectly with the quality that comes with Scala women??s hats Toyo Straw ?C The breathability of Japanese toyo straw makes this large brim hat functional and stylish, letting you take your summer straw hat anywhere you want Crushable ?C Whether off to the beach or a weekend in the country, you can store this Scala wide brim hat in a suitcase and it will return to its original shape. Scala women??s hats are known for looking good; with a sizing tie band, they??re also now more practical than ever Scala Quality ?C Scala Classico hats are known for their quality and reliability. With this La Scala Collezione hat, you??re more than shielding your eyes from the sun in style: you??re making a statement. Enjoy your Scala statement One Size ?C One size fits most, but wearing one Scala hat means you??ll want even more. After measuring your head, look at our charts to make sure the perfect hat is a perfect fit. Get the most out of your Scala collection


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